Working Groups and Committees

The Melodrama Research Consortium (MRC)

Our Membership Committee is co-chaired by Julia Straub (Department of English, University of Berne) and Hayley Bradley (Department of Drama, Manchester University). If you would like to be involved in our membership efforts, please contact Julia at

Our Programs, Projects, and Events Committee is chaired by Anumapa Kapse (Department of Media Studies, CUNY). If you would like to be involved in our programming efforts, please contact Anu at

The Melodrama Database Project (MDP)

The MDP is directed by Matthew Buckley (Department of English, Rutgers University).

The project’s development is coordinated by the Database Steering Committee (Mary Isbell (Department of English, University of New Haven) and Katherine Astbury (Department of French Studies, University of Warwick)). The project’s design is being developed by the Database Design Group (Mary Isbell and Thomas Radecke (Institute of Musicology, University of Weimar – Jena). We welcome the involvement of additional members in these efforts: if you would like to become involved, please contact Matt at

Data contribution and collection for the project is being coordinated by the Data Contribution Group (Katherine Flint-Nicoll, Frances Kamm,Lies Lanckmann, and Sarah Polley, all of the Department of Film Studies and the Melodrama Group, University of Kent) and the Data Collection Group (chaired by Julia Sirmon, Departments of English and Film Studies, Columbia University).

We are currently seeking members who are interested in contributing data to this project. Our network is large, and includes people who work in many major areas and traditions; however, our aim is to be as comprehensive as possible, and we hope to gain the help of scholars working in all areas. If you are interested in contributing data, or in serving as a coordinator for the contribution of data in a particular field, please contact Lies at

MRC/MDP Funding

Efforts to obtain funding for the activities of the MRC and the MDP are being coordinated by the MRC/MDP Funding Group, chaired by Birgit Neumann (Department of English, Heinrich Heine University – Dusseldorf). If you would like to become involved in those efforts, or if you would like to obtain the assistance of the MRC or MDP to apply for funding, please contact Birgit at