In this section you’ll find different types of media, such as podcasts, video productions, interviews, and other various audio and video formats that are related to melodrama.

Some recent videos and podcasts relating to early French and English melodrama from the ‘French Theatre of the Napoleonic Era’ research team at the University of Warwick.

‘The Melodramatic Moment: Researching Early French and English Melodrama through Performance’, online documentary by Katherine Astbury, Katherine Hambridge & Jonathan Hicks (autumn 2017) available to view at:

Theatre History Podcast no. 43 ‘Being Melodramatic’, August 2017 (with Diane Tisdall and Sarah Burdett)

The dress rehearsal of the performance of French prisoner-of-war melodrama Roseliska (1810) can be viewed at

Recreating Portchester’s French prisoner-of-war theatre: (direct youtube link to video